Curriculum Vitae
John R Bull

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Personal Profile

An Internationally recognised Vehicle Engineer. Highly trained with vast experience in Vehicle Dynamics/Vehicle  Engineering/Chassis Engineering. Has received acclaim for vehicle dynamics excellence on such vehicles as Ford Sierra Cosworth, Ford Escort Cosworth, Ford Escort Cabriolet, Ford Puma, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2.


Education and Qualifications

1963-1967 North East London Poly H.N.C. (Production Eng.)

1962-1963 North East London Poly O.N.C. (Mechanical Eng.)

1960-1962 North East London Poly O.N.C. (Electrical Eng.)

1960-1965 Smiths Industries Ltd Indentured Apprenticeship

1955-1960 William Morris County Technical School 5 GEC’S. (O level)


Career Record


2004-Present Day: JB DYNAMICS

Managing Director


Vehicle Dynamics/Vehicle Engineering Consultant to the Automobile Industry. Most recent work has been in Beijing and Xiangfan, China, providing Vehicle Dynamics technical expertise and advice to a number of Chinese Manufacturers, including JIAO & JMC. This includes actually tuning work on their prototype vehicles.

Additional work has included advising Bertrandt Germany/UK on vehicle dynamics for a ‘B’ car performance derivative,and providing High Performance Driver training, on Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s etc. to members of a High Performance Car Club. ( 

We are able to supply Chassis/Vehicle Dynamics technical expertise, advice and support to any OEM in any country worldwide. Additionally, we can provide Training Programmes and support Vehicle Launches worldwide.



Supervisor (Vehicle Dynamics)


Vehicle Dynamics Supervisor for all ‘B’ Cars e.g. Fiesta, Fusion, Puma etc. Responsible for supervising and leading a team of engineers involved in vehicle dynamics development. Acted as a decision maker for all functional and commercial sub-attributes. Defined steering and suspension component and system specification to meet specific targets. Planned and managed prototype development and led and coordinated all VeD relevant subjective and objective investigations. Represented Vehicle Dynamics in all high level management meetings/reviews/appraisals. Managed and controlled the budget.



Senior Development Engineer (Vehicle Dynamics)


As the Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, I was responsible for achieving class leading vehicle dynamics on ‘B’ Cars e.g. Fiesta, Fusion, Puma etc. I also assisted Mazda, in both Europe and Japan to develop the dynamics on the Mazda 2 vehicle.

Tasks included leading the development of all aspects of vehicle dynamics. e.g. Steering development/testing, including EHPAS. Suspension development/testing including springs/bushes/stabiliser bars/ beams/compliance/geometry. Extensive Damper development. Tyre development/testing. Additionally, I was involved in calibrating stability control systems e.g. ESP.



Senior Development Engineer (SVE-Special Vehicle Engineering)


During this time I had a major responsibility for Vehicle Dynamics (see below), but in addition performed the following duties:

• Component Engineering: Design, development and release for total Chassis Systems e.g. Steering/Suspension/Wheels/Tyres

• Geometry and Weight: Calculation, layout and control of chassis systems.

• Project Management: Responsible for programme control (T&D control, Design Review, Quality, Proto Vehicle control, Prototype vehicle build), on a number of Programmes.

• Cold/Hot Climate testing: Team Leader testing in Finland, Spain, and Italy. Cold testing was dynamics related on low Mu surfaces.

• Press Launch; Preparation, control and maintenance of press vehicles and attendance at the press launch on seven separate occasions.

• Resident Engineer/Launch Team Leader: Karmann, Germany 1989-1995: Includes all aspects of leading the launch team in the build up to production,

• Motorsport: Assistance to Ford Motorsport on a number of programmes, includes attending /assisting on events


Vehicle Dynamics


During the period 1981-2004 I have had a major responsibility for Vehicle Dynamics on the following Ford programmes. This responsibility at times was total, and included all aspects of dynamics including extensive tyre development:

• 1981.Capri 2.8 i.

• 1982 Fiesta XR2 Mk 1.

• 1983 Escort XR3i. First Ford fuel injection programme.

• 1984 Escort Cabriolet

• 1984 Escort RS Turbo. First Ford turbo programme, included first use of a limited slip (viscous) coupling in a FWD vehicle.

• 1984 Fiesta XR2 Mk 2

• 1985 Sierra XR4x4. First use of 4WD in Ford road vehicle

• 1985 Granada Ghia 4x4.

• 1986 Sierra Ghia 4x4 Estate

• 1986 Sierra RS Cosworth. First 'Cosworth' vehicle.

• 1986 Escort RS Turbo Mk 2.

• 1987 Capri 280.

• 1988 Sierra RS Cosworth Sapphire 2WD

• 1989 Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4

• 1990 Sierra XR & Ghia 4x4.

• 1990 Sierra Ghia 4x4 Estate

• 1990 Fiesta RS Turbo

• 1992 Escort RS Cosworth Mk1

• 1994 Escort RS Cosworth Mk2

• 1995 Escort Cabriolet Si.

• 1997 Puma

• 2002 Fiesta/Fusion



Senior Component Engineer (Chassis Engineering)

Senior Design Engineer (Chassis Engineering)


During this time my responsibilities included Layout/Detailing/Component Engineering of all Chassis components, with particular emphasis of Suspension and Steering, but also included Brakes, Clutches, Wheels, Tyres, and Fuel Systems. Tasks included design, development, testing, releasing, and prototype build.



Design Draughtsman/Apprentice (Marine & Aircraft Instruments)


During this time I completed a five year indentured apprenticeship. This included training in mechanical/electrical assembly, electrical test, tool room, machine shop, prototype instrument making, production planning, production and design draughting. After my apprenticeship I became a design draughtsman. The duties included layout and scheming of new designs, specifying materials, finishes, production methods, determining suppliers, arranging testing, specifying standards, directing personnel.




I am passionate about cars, driving and vehicle dynamics. To hone my driving/dynamics skills I have attended the following training courses:

Drive & Survive Course UK: 1990 & 1992

Brands Hatch Performance Course UK: 1984 & 1996

Mike Franey Performance Driving UK: 1985, 1986, 1990, 1995

Sir John Whitmore Performance Driving Psychology UK: 1990

High Performance Course (HPC) UK 1989

Driving Dynamics Course UK 1999

Institute of Advance Motorists Course UK 1982

Spa High Performance Course Belgium 1998

Hekki Poranen Ice Driving School - Finland 1989

OMi Vehicle Dynamics Course Michigan USA.1998

Bondurant School of High Performance Driving Arizona USA 1998

Vehicle Dynamics Course Germany: 2003

I am a member of the Institute of Advance Drivers, and I am qualified to teach advanced driving for them.

I have also been elected a member of HPC (High Performance Club)

My vehicle dynamics testing capability/experience is second to none, having developed/tested Vehicle Dynamics and Tyres all around the world on numerous occasions, locations include:

Ford Lommel Proving Ground Belgium, Ford Florida Evaluation Centre USA, Ford Detroit Proving Ground, USA, Ford Arizona Proving Ground, USA, Ford Michigan Proving Ground, USA, Ford Brazil Proving Ground, Sau Paulo, Brazil, Mazda Proving Ground, Hiroshima, Japan, M.I.R.A Proving Ground., England, Millbrook Proving Ground, England, ATP Proving Ground, Papenburg, Germany, Nurburgring, Germany, Beijing Proving Ground, Beijing, China, Xiangfan Proving Ground, Xiangyang, China, Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground, New Zealand, Idiada Proving Ground, Spain, Goodyear- Mireval, France, Goodyear- Luxembourg, Pirelli, Vizzola, Italy, Michelin, Clermont-Ferrand, France, Bridgestone , Japan, Firestone, I.T.C., Rome, Italy, Conti-Teves, Contidrome, Germany, Bosch Proving Ground, Boxberg, Germany, Conti-Teves Winter Test Centre, Arvidsjaur, Sweden, Hockenheim Ring Circuit, Germany, Vallalunga Circuit, Italy, Cartagena Circuit, Spain, Spa Circuit, Belgium, Zolder Circuit, Belgium, Paul Richard Circuit, France, Silverstone Circuit, England, Brands Hatch Circuit, England, Oulton Park Circuit, England, Goodwood Circuit, England, Donington Circuit, England, Knockhill Circuit, Scotland.


I have a high level of Computer skills, including proficiency in M. S. Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint